Year 11 Mock Interviews

Year 11 Mock Interviews

On Friday 25th March we welcomed 7 employers from a range of companies into Grace Academy to be part of our Year 11 mock interview day. All students took part in workshops delivered by Wilmott Dixon Construction before the interview day, this involved showing students an insight into the world of work, how to conduct themselves during an interview, looking at skills and qualities they possess and opportunities available to them within the industry.

On the interview day, all students performed amazingly and the feedback from employers was fantastic, students presented themselves in a positive manner and displayed their employability strengths through the valuable process.

“I found the mock interview day enjoyable and rewarding.  It is always good to work with schools and students on these kind of valuable sessions which students gain so much from, as do we as an employer.  The students at Grace Academy did themselves and the school proud, they are a bright and engaging year group who interviewed well and with confidence.”

Jayne Anderson – Wilmott Dixon

“I am more prepared for external interviews after having the workshop and mock interview, I know how it is important to have eye contact throughout the interview along with showing what my strengths/skills are”.

Rayven Billingsley – Year 11 Student

Congratulations to Mia Clifford and Mayson Bree for being selected the – The Most Employable Student Award.

Mrs Knight – Head of Year 11/Careers Lead