Our Ethos

Our Ethos


Every student participates in an enhanced curriculum as part of their journey from Year 7 to Post 16. This journey is enhanced by four key themes that holistically benefit our students.

The Ethos make a positive contribution towards OFSTED’S requirements for Personal Development, including

Relationship Sex Health Education (RSHE), Social Moral Spiritual Cultural Development (SMSC),
PSHE Citizenship
RE British Values.

Our enhanced curriculum enables students to explore key themes through lessons, assemblies, tutor times, afterschool clubs, off timetable workshops/days, mentoring and special events as part of the student’s learning.

Our Ethos Team

The Ethos Team include an Ethos Lead, Youth Worker, and Family Support Worker.

Our specialist Ethos Team is embedded within the academy; helping students develop holistically supporting their academic progress and enriching their lives through a variety of activities to become well rounded and informed members of society.

Additional external funding is provided by the Academy Foundation to help our Ethos Team embed our vision and values through additional resources and experiences for students.

Why Focus On Values?

Our Grace vision puts our values, as a growing focus through all of our curriculum. We believe these values create the right environment and culture for our students to succeed in all their academic and personal aspirations.

Studies find that values based education improves student and teacher wellbeing and relationships, accelerates academic motivation and diligence, transforms the teaching and learning environment and supports the engagement of families and the wider community.

As we focus on values students gain confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, their behaviour improves, they become more willing to get involved with decision making, they become more engaged with the school and they learn better self-control through thinking more intelligently.