Departmental Intent
The science curriculum will provide pupils with the key foundational knowledge to understand and engage with the world around them.  It will provide pupils with the opportunity to develop practical skills and foster a sense of excitement and curiosity about their environment.

The curriculum will equip students with the ability to evaluate evidence and draw their own conclusions.  It will allow them to understand the uses and implications or present and future scientific developments.

                                                                        Year 7
Term 1 Unit(s) Title: Students begin by learning about health and safety in the lab before going on to develop their practical skills via the following topics:

Topics Include:

•                     Cells structure

•                     Cell specialisation

•                     Reproduction

•                     Atomic structure

•                     States of matter

•                     Forces

•                     Drag and friction

•                     Terminal velocity


Term 2 Unit(s) Title: Students build on the foundation of biology, chemistry and physics topics learnt in the first term by exploring the themes below:


Topics Include:

•                     Sex and Relationships

•                     Periodic Table

•                     Bonding

•                     Organ systems and diffusion

•                     Waves

•                     Comparison of sound and light

Term 3  

Unit(s) Title: In this term students build on the waves topic from last term, as well as exploring the environment around them.


Topics Include:

•                     Electromagnetic spectrum

•                     Food chains and webs

•                     Ecological niches

•                     Competition

•                     Space

                                                                           Year 8
Term 1 Unit(s) Title: Year 8 starts with an exploration of healthy living, healthy diet, and the digestive system.


Topics Include:

·         Enzymes

·         The digestive system

·         Healthy diet

·         Introduction to collision theory

·         Drugs and alcohol

·         Chemical reactions

·         Interpreting graphs

·         Energy transfers

·         Food and fuels

Term 2 Unit(s) Title: Unit Description – this term incorporates plenty of practical activities within the topics below.


Topics Include:

•                     Electricity

•                     Circuits and calculations

•                     Quantitative chemistry

•                     Respiration

•                     Photosynthesis

•                     Acids and alkalis

Term 3  

Unit(s) Title: Unit Description – This term ensures that students begin their GCSE course with a solid foundation of Biology, Chemistry and Physics disciplines.


Topics Include:

•                     Reactions of metals

•                     Human biology

•                     The eye

•                     The kidney

•                     Lungs

•                     Skeleton and muscle pairs

•                     Magnetism

•                     The rock cycle

                                                                      Year 9
Term 1 Unit(s) Title: Students cover B1 ‘Cell level systems’ before commencing their first chemistry unit; Particles.


Topics Include:

•                     Cell level systems

•                     Microscopy skills

•                     DNA

•                     Enzymes

•                     Respiration

•                     Photosynthesis

•                     Particles

•                     Elements, compounds and mixtures

Term 2 Unit(s) Title: Students learn their first GCSE Physics topic, ‘Matter’ before expanding on their Biology knowledge in B2 ‘scaling up’.


Topics Include:

•                     Forces – velocity calculations

•                     Acceleration

•                     Momentum

•                     Energy

•                     Mass vs weight

•                     Diffusion, osmosis and active transport

•                     Mitosis

•                     Stem cells

•                     Circulatory system

•                     Heart and blood

Term 3 Unit(s) Title: This half term students combine their second unit of Physics, ‘Forces’ with their third Biology unit; Organism level systems.


Topics Include:

•                     Transport of water in a plant

•                     Atomic theory

•                     Density

•                     Specific heat capacity

•                     Gas pressure

•                     The nervous system

•                     The endocrine system

•                     Homeostasis

                                                                   Year 10
Term 1 Unit(s) Title: Students have plenty of opportunities to develop their maths skills in science as they cover the following chemistry and physics topics.


Topics Include:

•                     Chemical reactions

•                     Moles and mass

•                     Acids and alkalis

•                     Oxidation and reduction

•                     Electrolysis

•                     Electricity and magnetic fields

•                     Circuits

Term 2 Unit(s) Title: Topics covered this half term span cover the three science disciplines.  Students start by exploring the world around them, before learning about trends in the Periodic Table and the Electromagnetic Spectrum.


Topics Include:

•                     Decay

•                     The water cycle

•                     The nitrogen cycle

•                     The carbon cycle

•                     Predicting reactions of group 0,1 and 7 elements

•                     Wave behaviour and wave speed

•                     Electromagnetic spectrum

•                     Ionising radiation

•                     Genes and inheritance

Term 3 Unit(s) Title: After concluding their work on inheritance and evolution, students learn about some of the industrial applications of chemistry and physics.


Topics Include:

•                     Natural selection and evolution

•                     Monitoring and controlling chemical reactions

•                     Use of catalysts

•                     Rate of reactions calculations

•                     Radioactivity

                                                                          Year 11
Term 1 Unit(s) Title: In year 11 students move on to ‘Global Challenges’ themes.  The science learnt surrounds solving current issues such as climate change, meeting global food requirements etc.


Topics Include:

•                     Monitoring and maintaining the environment

•                     Selective breeding and genetic engineering

•                     Disease, immunity and vaccination

•                     Stem cells and gene technology

•                     Extracting metals

•                     Crude oil

•                     The earth’s atmosphere

•                     Energy conservation and sources

•                     Stopping distances

•                     Renewable and non renewable energy sources

Term 2 Unit(s) Title: The two final half terms are dedicated to the consolidation and revision of the topics taught since year 9. Subjects are revisited, and emphasis is given to exam past paper practice and experience of required practicals
Term 3
KS4 Qualification Information


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Year 11  Year 9/10
  • Biology OCR J263
  • Chemistry OCR J264
  • Physics OCR J265
  • Biology  OCR J247
  • Chemistry  OCR J248
  • Physics  OCR J249