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Admission Arrangements

Applications for Academy admission will be managed by Solihull Council in accordance with the Local Authority’s coordinated scheme for admission.

The Academy’s admission number is 180. Where the number of applications is lower than the Academy’s admission number, all applicants will be admitted.  If there are more applications than places available, this will be managed by Solihull Local Authority. Places will be offered in priority order according to the over subscription criteria.

A variation to the determined arrangements was sought in July 2021 in response to a change to the Schools Admissions Code. The new code, Schools Admissions Code (2021) is in force from 1st September 2021.

Oversubscription Criteria

Priority 1 (a)  Looked after children and previously looked after children who are now adopted. This includes children who appear (to the admission authority) to have been in state care outside of England and have    ceased to be in care as a result of being adopted, as well as children who were adopted (or subject to child arrangement orders or special guardianship orders) immediately following having been looked after in England

Priority 1 (b)  Children whose exceptional circumstances can only be met at this Academy.

Priority 2        Children who normally live in the Academy’s catchment area.

Priority 3        Children who have an older brother or sister at the Academy at the same time.

Priority 4        Children living closest to the Academy, measured in a straight line from the child’s home.

Admission Arrangements 2023/2024


Grace Academy has committed to follow the Solihull LEA Co-ordinated Admission Arrangements for all year groups. Further information can be found on the Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council website.

Admission Appeals

If you are not offered a place at this school you have the right of appeal against the decision not to allocate a place to your child.  Appeals are heard by an independent panel.  You can get an appeal form from School Admissions on 0121 704 6693 or

Your appeal will be heard within the following timetable:

  Closing date for receipt of your written appeal: Your appeal will be heard by:
Appeal for a place in year 7 starting in September 2022 Closing date for submitting your appeal form: 29 March 2022 Appeals will be heard by: 15 June 2022 if possible
Change of school (application at any time other than normal intake) 20 school days after your outcome letter 30 school days after your appeal form has been received.
Appeals received after the closing date will be heard within the schedule, if possible. However, if the form is received in late June the appeal may not be heard until after the school summer holidays.  Appeals are not heard during the school holidays.


To download our Academy or Post 16 Prospectus in PDF format, please click one of the documents below:

You can also request a free copy of our academy prospectus by emailing us your full name, postal address and your areas of interest at You can also call us on 0121 329 4600 for further information.