Grace Academy Solihull Enrichment Programme

Studies have proven that students who get involved in extracurricular activities:

Have better attendance

Get higher exam result
Have better social skills Get on better with staff
Enjoy school more Are more likely to succeed in Further Education

We have adapted our weekly timetable to allow more of our students to access our enrichment programme. Previously, all enrichment activities happened after the school day was finished, this actually prevented some of our students who desperately wanted to be involved in enrichment activities from doing so.

In order to make enrichment available to more of our students, we decided to create an optional enrichment programme that takes place within the normal timetabled week on a Wednesday afternoon. Students who want to participate in enrichment can now do so and still fulfil their other responsibilities.

This Wednesday enrichment programme is in addition to all the other enrichment activities that take place after school on other days.

We pride ourselves on our extensive extra-curricular provision. There are many activities that take place outside the classroom across a range of interests – art, leisure, performing arts, science, sport, and technology, with most students belonging to at least one club. The activity choices change throughout the year, which encourages students to try new experiences from time-to-time.

Below is a list of enrichment activities available for the Autumn 2021 Term.

“Glee” Vocal Club (Autumn 1 only) 

 A fun and exciting chance to get performing. For all our budding singers and for those who want help to develop your performance skills.


Fun team sport full of energy and enthusiasm.


Learn this fast-paced and intense game which will improve your physical and mental health. You’ll also have loads of fun in the process!

Sewing Club 

Fancy yourself a future fashion designer? Come and learn, or improve your sewing skills this half term. New challenges each week.

Table Tennis

For those looking to learn to play, as well as experienced players. Table tennis is a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination, while having a tremendous amount of fun.

Couch to 5K

A chance for beginners to build stamina improving your physical and mental health. You’ll also have loads of fun in the process!

Independent Study

Need a quiet space to do your revision or get your coursework done? Independent study is that space.

Lego Club

Challenge yourself to become a master builder. Working as a team you will have the chance to go wild with your creative side.

Keyboard Club

An exciting chance for beginners to learn this instrument. 

Game/Chess Club 

Fancy challenging your mind to the world of board games? This is the club for you. All abilities will have something new to learn.

Craft Club 

An opportunity to get crafty. Come and have a go at learning new skills and creating beautiful  pieces of art. 

Book Club 

For all our wonderful book worms, you get the chance to read and discuss exciting books and develop your literacy skills in a fun and interactive way.

KS3 Football

 A football club dedicated for KS3 students where you can practise your skills and learn a whole host of new ones. 

Frame Academy 

Limited Spaces – First come first serve 

Why get someone else to fix your bike for you?  Learn how to fix and maintain your bike.


Once signed up, your child will remain on their selected activity for the Autumn Term.  Enrichment activities end at 2:50 pm every Wednesday, and any absences to these sessions should be reported in the normal manner. If we did not receive an enrichment form, for a particular student, they would leave the academy at 1:50 pm on Wednesdays.

Any amendments to session choices need to be addressed with the relevant Assistant Heads of Year or Head of Year, and students will need to remain in their current option until this change has been confirmed.  Any withdrawals from the enrichment sessions overall will need to be provided in writing to the relevant Assistant Head of Year or Head of Year.