Learning Support

Learning Support

Closing The Gap

All students her at Grace Academy Solihull have the right to access all of the learning offered. There are occasions when students have certain barriers to their learning such as:

A Specific Medical Disability An Educational Need
Social And Emotional difficulties Bereavement Issues
Developmental Needs

We work hard to differentiate the learning within lessons to overcome these barriers so students have the same learning experience as children without additional needs. However from time to time some students need a little extra help, this is given to them through their Learning Mentors and the Da Vinci Centre.

Da Vinci Centre

The Da Vinci Centre is situated on the ground floor at Grace Academy Solihull and is a hub of specialists who work together to support students both in and out of the classroom. Below are a number of support procedures that are carried out:

TA Support Within Lessons Key Workers- used to link the learning to the child and the home
External Support can be sourced to help the student Testing of students needs with specific initiatives given
Measuring the impact of support given Statement processes are carried out when needed
Literacy and Numeracy packages put in place for students who need it Advice given to staff and parents on how to support students
Creation of resources to help support students

Our Aims and Objectives

All of the above helps us to achieve our aims and objectives that are outlined below.

  • Our aim is to ensure that provisions are made for all students to fulfil their academic and social potentials.
  • Our objective is to identify any students with learning needs as early as possible and make the appropriate support available.
  • We believe that the partnership between the Academy, students, parents and outside experts is vital for the effective support of students with any kind of learning needs.

Grace Academy Solihull Accessibility Plan