Modern Languages

                                                          Departmental Intent
A broad and balanced curriculum which produces well rounded and informed members of society who can achieve outstanding academic success.

A curriculum that meets the needs of all and improves over time, refined and owned by a reflective and professional staff body.

                                                                       Year 7
Term 1 Introduction to French skills: Learning the base skills for translating simple ideas into french

Topics Include:

•                     Single word translations

•                     Simple sentence formation

•                     Reading for basic understanding

•                     Describing a picture

•                     Phonics

•                     Joining simple sentences with connectives

Term 2 Au college: Ability to use simple description

Topics Include:

·         Writing to describe

·         Writing a longer piece with teacher support

·         Listening and reading for gist

Term 3 Free Time: develop a wider range of understanding skills and description

Topics Include:

•                     Asking and answering questions

•                     Phonics

•                     Using cognates

                                                                      Year 8
Term 1 Ma vie de famille: Description of family and ability to start writing longer pieces

Topics Include:

•                     Simple sentence translations

•                     Detailed descriptions

•                     Listening for context and understanding

Term 2 En ville: Description of habitation and ability to place oneself in French

Topics Include:

•                     Phonics

•                     More complex description

•                     Recognition of tenses

•                     Further understanding and ability to translate

Term 3 Fetes et Vacances: Giving opinions and favourites whilst enhancing cultural knowledge

Topics Include:

·         Description of pictures in detail

·         Full length answers in response to texts

·         Review of key skills

                                                                       Year 9
Term 1 Le monde est petit: giving information and describing lifestyles, deeper understanding of texts

Topics Include:

•                     Reading and understanding in French

•                     Ability to translate key ideas

•                     Ability to listen and retain key idea

Term 2 Ma vie sociale: giving a description of social life, and furthering conversation skills

Topics Include:

•                     Narration

•                     Ability to answer a question at length

•                     Dictation

Term 3 Qui suis je: Preparation for EBACC, cementing skills in preparation for GCSE units. Non-EBACC, reviewing key skills for basic French

Topics Include:

•                     Gist for reading

•                     Translating key messages

•                     Overview of skills

                                                                     Year 10
Term 1 Les temps de loisirs:  Developing of reading, writing and listening skills in order to describe social and personal life in detail

Topics Include:

•                     Unsupported writing

•                     Description from a picture

•                     Reading for gist

•                     Translation

Term 2 Jours ordinaires, jours de fete: Development of descriptive vocabulary and more independence whilst writing

Topics Include:

•                     Asking and answering questions

•                     Listening for understanding

•                     General conversation

•                     Photo card

Term 3 De la ville en campagne: solidify translation skills and build on writing abilities

Topics Include:

•                     Reading for gist

•                     Literary text

KS4 Qualification Information
Course Title: GCSE French

Exam Board: AQA

Examination Description: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking exams. All assessed at the end of year 11 with a 25% weighting each.

For more information please contact the head of department: Katie Seazell