Our curriculum intent is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum which produces well rounded and informed members of society who can achieve outstanding academic success. Our curriculum meets the needs of all and improves over time, refined and owned by our reflective and professional staff body.

The range of subjects help students acquire knowledge, understanding and skills in all aspects of their education. Our curriculum is enhanced with an enrichment programme where students can take part in activities outside of timetabled lessons that support their growth into well rounded individuals. Our aim is to work with the students so their learning prepares them as global citizens and future ambassadors of Grace Academy Solihull.

Our curriculum aims to prepare students to be successful in the next stage of their life. In order to give every student the best opportunity we run a wide ranging curriculum in all subject areas in years 7, 8 and 9 before they embark on GCSE, Advanced Level (A Levels) and other appropriate vocational courses in Years 10 to 11 (KS4) and sixth form (KS5).

This means that we will work with students to select the most appropriate curriculum for their needs with the overall aim of their leaving the academy with as many of the qualifications they need to succeed in their next steps. It is our ambition that as many students as possible achieve good passes in English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, the Sciences, French and a Humanity subject. However, we want more than this for our students so we are committed to continue to provide students with a wider range of opportunities in a variety of subjects that sit outside the academic core coupled with an extensive careers programme running throughout a student’s time at the academy.

Our Post 16 curriculum is designed to offer a range of level 3 (advanced level) subjects, both academic and vocational, and supports students in moving in to higher education, apprenticeships, or the world of work. We pride ourselves in not only offering traditional ‘A Levels’ but a range of equivalent vocationally based courses to give students the widest choice possible. Our entire post 16 programme is supplemented with a series of courses and accreditations to prepare students for future life. These courses range from ‘certificates in personal financial effectiveness’ to basic skills designed to prepare students to live away from home and be independent.

Sex Education

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from some or all of any sex education provided, but not from teaching the biological aspects of human growth and reproduction necessary under National Curriculum Science. The views of parents have been considered within our Relationships and Sex Education policy, and our policy reflects their wishes and the culture of the community served by the Academy.

Religious Education and PSHE

We teach Religious Education and PSHE in a variety of ways; as a discrete subject, and through other areas of the curriculum.  Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of Religious Education sessions.

Equal Opportunities

The Governing Body of the Academy aims to provide an appropriate learning experience for all students, whatever their colour, origin, culture, gender, religion or ability.  The Academy has high expectations of all students. The Academy aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn in an environment free of  prejudice. It is the responsibility of all staff to educate against any form of prejudice or negative stereotyping and to ensure that their conduct with students and colleagues reflects this responsibility at all times.

If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please contact the Academy on 0121 329 4600.