The Academy has a dedicated Exams Officer to ensure examinations are efficiently organised, they are also on hand to help students with any queries they may have about exams before and after they take place. If you wish to contact the Exams Officer please email [email protected]


Collecting Certificates

If you are looking to collect exam certificates please contact us by email via [email protected] regarding these. It is important you collect these as soon as possible as they will only be stored with us for a limited amount of time. It can cost around £30-£50 for replacement certificates so it is important that these be collected and then kept safe. (Please see https://www.gov.uk/replacement-exam-certificate for further details about replacing certificates).

Please contact the exam officer before coming to the school to collect any exam certificates. If the Exam Officer has your certificates they will arrange a date at your best convenience during our school hours for you to collect these. This will enable us to prepare them and have them ready in reception for your arrival.

Requirements for collecting certificates

When collecting certificates you will need to bring some form of identification (Driving License, Passport etc). If someone is collecting the certificates on your behalf you must let the Exams Officer know prior to the collection date. This person will need to be named to the Exam Officer and will need to bring identification with them. They will need to bring a signed letter of authorization from the person whose certificates they are as well.

Lost Certificates & Replacements

If you have lost your certificates we may be able to provide a statement of results. However we do not hold any copies and are unable to replace certificates ourselves. The Exam Board will need to be contacted regarding replacements by the candidate. For certified proof of results please follow this link for advice: https://www.gov.uk/replacement-exam-certificate

Information for Candidates

Students due to sit examinations, as well as parents/carers of these students, should read through and familiarise themselves with the below documents, as they contain some key information, regulations and guidance which students need to be aware of.

On The Day Of Your Exam
Coursework Assessments Non Examination Assessments 2023-24
Privacy Notice On Screen Tests 2023-24
Written Exams 2023-24 Social Media
Reviews of marking, centre assessed marks Examinations A-Z



                                   GCSE Exam Results                                                                 Post 16 Results

All results and information will be updated with 2023 results when the latest measures are published.

Measure 2017 2018 2019* 2022* 2023 Measure 2017  2018
2022* 2023
Attainment 8 Score 48.4 ( National Average 44.6) 48.2 (National Average 44.3) 45.5 47.3 46.1 Progress Headlines (based on 2016 VA using KS4 prior attainment)
Progress 8 score -0.07 (National Average) +0.02 (National Average) -0.05 -0.04 -0.09 A level L3 VA -0.65 -0.36 -0.45 A Level L3 VA – No VA measure published A Level L3 VA – No VA measure published
Grade 5 or Above in English and Maths 45% (National Average 39.6%) 54% (National Average 39.9%) 44.5% 52% 44% Academic L3 VA -0.65 -0.36 -0.45 Academic L3 VA – No VA measure published Academic L3 VA – No VA measure published
Ebacc Average Point Score N/A 3.8 (National Average 3.8) 3.63 3.86 3.78 Applied General L3 VA 0.48 0 0.2 Applied General L3 VA- No VA measure published
Applied General L3 VA- No VA measure published
Achieving Ebacc 0% 0% 0% 19% 7% Attainment Headlines
Staying in Education or Entering Employment 90% 89% 96% 88% 91% A level APS 23.5 (D+) 25.91(C-) 27.86 (C-) 36.5 (B-) 27.24 (C-)
Academic APS/Fine Grade 23.5 (D+) 25.91(C-) 27.86 (C-) 36.5 (B-) 27.24 (C-)
Applied General APS/Fine Grade 44 (Distinction*) 21.5(Merit) 38.54 (Distinction*)  35.50  (Distinction) 27.47 (Merit+)
Tech Level APS 30.3 (Distinction) N/A N/A Tech Level APS – N/A 46.25 (Distinction*)

* Due to the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data for the academic year 21/22, the Department for Education recommends not making direct comparisons with previous years or between schools or colleges


Post 16 Information

Re-Sit English and Maths Progress

There were no English resits in 2023

Maths resists for 2023 – 100% grade 4 – 9



Years 2013-2015 2014-2016 2015-2017 2016-2018 2017-2019 2018-2020 2019-2021
Retained and Assessed (percentages) shows percentage of the cohort that remained and completed their 2 years courses 59% 84% 85.5% 81% 91% Cohort size insignificant  75%*


*2019-21 Small cohort size so percentages skewed. Retention was affected by Covid and school closures




Destination of Post 16 Leavers


More information is available on the Department for Education Website