We are very clear about our uniform expectation here at Grace Academy Solihull as our uniform is central to what we do, by adding to the positive learning environment within the academy as well as reflecting the values that we stand for. 

The Academy will consider the individual facts of each request to depart from any aspect of the policy for religious or medical reasons taking into account all relevant circumstances.

Our Academy uniform is worn by all students at all times as it fulfils three important functions:

  • It gives the Academy a clear identity
  • It represents a simple but effective statement of our pride and sense of community 
  • It also avoids any stigma or competition between individuals that can occur all too easily because of designer clothes and fashion trends

Uniform support

We appreciate that every family’s personal circumstances may not be the same, so we have worked very hard to ensure our uniform is affordable for all by reducing the number of mandatory branded items to three only, which includes the blazer, tie and sports training tee. 

We now also have an onsite uniform bank that can be both donated to, as well as collected from. This is stocked with pre-owned uniform items that parents/carers may be able to access. If you feel this would be useful to you please contact the academy and ask to speak with our Family Support Worker regarding this. If you require any additional information or support with regards to our uniform please contact the academy. Parents/carers experiencing difficulty in acquiring the correct items should contact their child’s Head of Year for further support and guidance.


Academy Uniform

Years 7-11

Our Year 7 -11 uniform consists of the following mandatory items, unless otherwise indicated:

  • Grace Academy Solihull blazer*
  • Plain black knee length skirt or plain black school trousers which hang below the ankle  (not tight fitting)
  • Plain white cotton shirt/blouse with a button collar – the top button of which must be fastened at all times 
  • Plain black (no logo e.g. nike tick) v-neck pullover or cardigan  (optional item)
  • Academy tie* (Purple for Key stage 3 – Years 7-9; Black and gold for Key stage 4 – Years 10 and 11) 
  • Plain black school shoes
  • Plain black socks or plain black tights
*These items must be purchased from our recommended school supplier Mansuri Schoolwear.


Trousers (examples are shown below)

  • Must not look like leggings, must not be skin tight or made of stretchy lycra material 
  • School trousers must be loose enough not to cling to the leg and should hang below the ankle 
  • Some fashion stores such as New Look and Select class skin tight trousers as school trousers but these are not acceptable – suitable school trousers can be found in stores such as Primark and Asda

Skirts (examples are shown below)

  • Must be knee length, no shorter and not made of stretchy lycra type material that rides up when students are walking
  • Suitable school skirts can be found easily in stores such as Asda and Primark and also from our recommended uniform supplier Mansuri Schoolwear



Post 16 Uniform

Our Post 16 students are given more freedom to express themselves through choosing their own school appropriate attire for the majority of the week, with smart business dress required on a Friday. This supports the transition into the working world where they will be expected to dress appropriately for their work environment. 


The Academy PE kit

Years 7-11 mandatory items

    • Academy personalised Nike training tee*
    • Black shorts/ black cycling shorts
    • Black sports skirt (for girls’ team sports)
    • Black sports socks/ white ankle socks
    • Non-marking sports shoes

Years 7-11 optional items

    • Black personalised long sleeve Nike crew top*
    • Black Nike sports leggings*
    • Black Nike shorts*
    • Black Nike socks
 *These items must be purchased from our recommended school supplier Mansuri Schoolwear.

Years 12 & 13 items

Our academy Post 16 PE kit, which is only needed for those students taking Post 16 Sport courses, includes:

              • Royal Blue Nike short sleeved t-shirt, which is embroidered with the Academy logo and your child’s initials*
              • Royal Blue Nike midlayer top, which is embroidered with the Academy logo and your child’s initials* 
              • Black Nike jogging bottoms, leggings or shorts*
              • Black Trainers

*These items are purchased from our school supplier Mansuri Schoolwear which will be organised for students by the subject teacher at the start of the course.





Additional Uniform Information


  • Students may wear coats, gloves and scarves to school in cold weather but must take these outer garments off as soon as they enter the academy building
  • Hooded tops are not permitted to be brought in to the academy (zipped hoodies included)


  • One small plain, gold or silver single stud is allowed in each ear lobe. No piercings allowed anywhere else on the ear 
  • No additional visible piercings are allowed anywhere on the face or body including on the tongue
  • Excessive jewellery is not permitted; including rings, bracelets, bangles or necklaces


  • Must be a natural colour, no extreme styles, spikes, patterns or shaved areas

Make up 

  • Must not be excessive such as bold lipsticks or heavy black or other colour eyeliner
  • False nails, nail extensions are NOT allowed
  • False eyelashes are not acceptable


Black school approved headscarves are allowed if they conform to the requirements below:

  • The fabric should be lightweight and plain
  • The headscarf must be folded under the chin, taken round to the back of the neck and the ends tucked in. This conforms to the health and safety, and school requirements
  • The headscarf must be worn so that the collar and tie can be seen clearly. 
  • Headscarves should not be worn with headbands, brooches, shadow stripes, patterns, logos, embellishments, diamantes, tassels or other additional adornments



Buying Uniforms

Official Grace Academy Solihull uniform items can be purchased from our recommended local school uniform supplier Mansuri Schoolwear where specified, however other items can be purchased more widely as detailed already, including from second-hand retailers. For a full list of prices please contact Mansuri via telephone or email, or visit their store or website.

Address: 163 Yew Tree Lane, Birmingham B26 1AY

Tel: 0121 784 4230

Email: [email protected]

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday, 9.00 am – 5.00 pm