Month: September 2022

The Lilly-Jo Project comes to Grace Academy Solihull

On September 8th we were pleased to welcome The Lilly-Jo Project into the academy, which is a fantastic organisation that focuses on providing coping strategies surrounding mental health.  The team from the Lilly-Jo Project delivered an exciting workshop for all our Y7 students, which addressed the impact of change and transition on our mental health.…
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Her Majesty the Queen Tribute

Her Majesty the Queen Tribute Grace Academy Solihull and all its community would like to send our condolences to the royal family following the death of Her Majesty the Queen.  We are grateful for her long years of dedicated service to this country and her stately manner in representing the United Kingdom around the world. …
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New Yr 7 & 12 Intake

Year 7 and Year 12 students start with EXCELLENCE A huge well done to all our new Year 7 and Year 12 students who have started back today. It has been wonderful to have them back here in school after the summer break.  Some of the comments shared by students about their first day here…
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