On Wednesday 28 September we were fortunate to be able to take a group of year 9 and 10 pupils who expressed an interest in pursuing a career in engineering and infrastructure, to SOCOTEC in Binley.

The day consisted of a tour around the laboratories, the mystery of the leaning Tower of Pisa activity and a chance to interview four employees who have various roles within the company. The pupils illustrated a number of key skills including leadership, questioning, listening, problem solving and teamwork, whilst working together to solve the mystery of why the Tower of Pisa leans.

The day was a huge success with both pupils and the engineers and quotes from some of our students at the end of the day included:

“I enjoyed learning about the different machines that they had, and about the different career paths in STEM”

“I enjoyed interviewing the workers as it helped me understand what the company was about and the different careers you can have there.”

“I think that going there in year 9 has helped with some of my career choices and prepared me for making GCSE decisions”.