Successful Y12 Work Experience

Successful Y12 Work Experience

Year 12 students have completed their two weeks of work experience in various industries, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Hospitality
  • Local Educational institutions
  • Recreational Centres
  • A local farm
  • A garden centre
  • West Midlands Police
  • An estate agents office
  • Charity & community support organisations
  • Building Materials and Infrastructure Suppliers

Feedback from all placements has been very positive overall, with some placements deserving a special mention. Marston Green Infant School’s staff collectively agreed that all students displayed high levels of professionalism in the way they conducted themselves around staff, students and visitors. Jacob Robinson was particularly acknowledged by multiple staff, even the Principal of the school. The school have expressed such gratitude for the attitude they have shown, stating “this is the best cohort of students from any of the neighbouring colleges and 6th forms they’ve had onsite“.

The feedback from other placements has also shown that our students are confident young adults who are communicating well with both customers and colleagues whilst demonstrating their enthusiasm in each role or responsibility given to them.

Students have also been offered part time roles from these placements. Mason Reeves has been offered the opportunity for a part time weekend role at the cafe in a local garden centre due to his hard working nature and efficiency at completing tasks, while Jada Jackson has been offered a football coaching role with a local football club on weekends, working with special needs children, as well as the opportunity to help out with school holiday clubs.

A huge well done to everyone, the work ethic you’ve shown exemplifies the values at our academy and we hope these serve you well in the working world in the not to distant future.