Unifrog and Career Guidance

Unifrog and Career Guidance


Grace Academy Solihull have changed their outline careers platform provider. We are now working with Unifrog! Unifrog brings all the available information into one comprehensive, user-friendly platform that helps students make the best choices, and submit the strongest applications. The partner with a wide range of universities and employers to further support students to be successful. 


Unifrog provides students with access to the following. 

Explore pathways:

  • Complete quizzes to build a psychometric profile that links to careers and subjects
  • Learn about careers, subjects, progression and PSHE
  • Find super curricular activities like further reading, MOOCs and Webinars
  • Get the employer, their parents and their school to complete the admin for their placements

Record evidence:

  • Add examples of their activities and skills
  • View interactions that their teachers have added for them
  • View the predicted grades and results recorded for them (depending on the school’s settings)

Search for opportunities:

  • Search for university courses all around the world, and save shortlists they can come back to
  • Search for vocational courses in the UK and save shortlists they can come back to
  • Find events related to their interests, and scholarships they are eligible for

See their progress:

  • See a list of the most important tasks do on the platform for their year group
  • Check the progress to see how far they have got with their tasks

Apply for next steps:

  • Prepare their application materials:
    • Draft CVs and application essays
    • Coordinate their teacher’s references and recommendations
  • Record their intended and sustained applications and destinations:
    • Record their Post-16 and Post-18 intentions
    • Make a list of their applications and update their and the institutions’ decisions
    • Record their destination


Overview of the Platform Parents/Carers’ Page

Not Registered?

Each student has been provided with their very own Unifrog account. To access their account all they need to do is: 

  1. Head over to the Unifrog website and select login
  2. Select the ‘forgot password option’
  3. Login to their school email
  4. Create a new password via the Unifrog email that would have been received
  5. You’re all done, begin exploring the platform!


If you forget your password Please contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Please DO NOT register an extra account.

Inspiring Students To Create Their Own Vision Of Success:

Grace Academy Solihull believes that careers guidance is an ongoing process and Unifrog is there from the very beginning, and is accessible to students long after they leave the academy. For more information on Unifrog or the careers guidance we offer at the Academy please contact [email protected] or [email protected]