Skills Builder Hub

Skills Builder Hub

Tutor sessions and PSHE Lessons will utilise resources from the skills builder hub to provide education for students to build on the 8 essential employability skills; Teamwork, Speaking, Listening, Leadership, Creativity, Aiming High, Problem Solving and Staying Positive.

Through our partnership with Skills Builder in 2019-2024, despite covid restrictions and remote learning, we have continued to be successful in achieving the Bronze Skills Builder Award.

Parental support through Skills Builder Hub

As a parent or carer, you are best placed to support your child to recognise all of the different places where they are developing their essential skills. School is just one part of the picture. Hobbies, interests, community connections and activities at home can all help to build the eight essential skills your child needs now and for their future success.

You can easily support your child to build their essential skills.  Talk with your child about the essential skills, what they are and how they are so useful. Help your child to identify where they already build their skills so they can talk about their skill strengths with others.  Look for opportunities to build essential skills together