Local Market Information

Learning from Career and Labour Market Information (LMI) 

  • Job profiles – information and data (e.g. salaries, entry requirements, common tasks etc) from LMI for All
  • Job suggestions – link student interests, strengths and subjects to jobs using data from O*NET
  • Job vacancies – live vacancy information with an intuitive search function is provided through an integration with Indeed
  • Apprenticeships – apprenticeship information and links to search and apply come direct from the government’s Apprenticeships website
  • Industry profiles – content from industry bodies, employer partners, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Careers Hubs
  • Post 16 & 18 course information – live course information is fed by the government’s ESFA course directory and we link to search and apply with UCAS
  • UNIFROG online platform LMI tasks covered in tutor sessions; what jobs do people near you do, explore industries in the local area and in England, what local jobs are in demand, Apprenticeships, company cultures.


Accessing Labour Market Information on Unifrog

Labour Market Information (LMI) is a useful tool to help research future jobs in the local area as this helps us to understand the skills needed for certain job roles and to assist with making informed decisions such as what study or training is needed for a particular job, how to get your first job, or how to take the next step in your career.

Students can explore the labour market on Unifrog which allows them to identify and use different types of Labour Market Information. They can also explore what can influence the labour market and use Unifrog tools to explore how labour market information can help them make more informed choices. For a guide on how this information can be accessed via Unifrog, please see this step-by-step guide