Student Rewards

Here at Grace Academy we are very proud of our pupils and love to reward them for making the right choices, working hard, having good attendance and punctuality and as a way of celebrating their achievements.

Students can earn Grace Points in lessons and around the academy for good work, effort, behavior and demonstrating the academy values. Students can also be referred to their Head of Year for a commendation if they have done a particularly excellent piece of work, sporting achievement or work in the school or surrounding community. When students achieve a Head of Year commendation, they are rewarded in assembly, have a letter sent home to parents and earn five Grace Points.

Many of our rewards are based on student’s attendance. We ensure that every student receives a certificate if they achieve 100% attendance for each half term and reward students who achieve 100% attendance for the whole year at our rewards evening. We also enter all students who have achieved 100% attendance for the half term into a draw to receive prizes such as chocolate hampers, Easter eggs and shopping vouchers. Our rewards are not just down to the individual, we also ensure that we reward tutor groups for good overall attendance.

We also run trips and events to reward our most deserving students. We select students who have 100% attendance, low consequence points and lots of Grace Points. We have rewarded our students with a variety of activities that include an afternoon of roller disco, a trip to Nando’s restaurant, an afternoon at Laser Quest and bubble football! We organise these trips around activities that pupils ask for and recommend and try to ensure that a range of activities are on offer across the year. Students who take part in these events always comment on how fun they are and how good it feels to be recognised for their hard work.