Grace Academy offers students the opportunity to study the Edexcel Mathematics A-level course. We focus our study on the algebra that allows us to explain the universe and the statistics that help governments make informed decisions on complex issues.

The course is a great opportunity to properly explore some of the most interesting elements of Mathematics and see the true beauty of the subject.

About the course

Course Introduction

2 Year A- Level Course

Award Body


Course Suitable For

Students who wish to continue to study mathematics or other sciences at a higher level.

Preferable Entry Requirements

Grades  in accordance with the 6th form entry requirements. (See Information & Course Guide) Plus GCSE Grade 6 in Mathematics. Students gain a distinct advantage if they have a grade 7, 8 or 9

Why Study?

A Level mathematics is a well-respected academic qualification that both employers and universities seek out. The qualification demonstrates the ability to think critically, solve complex problems and use logic effectively. It also demonstrates a fluency with numbers that employers relish.

Progression Opportunities

Mathematics is used in almost all job areas and an A-Level demonstrates a mastery that employers actively seek out. Specific careers for Mathematicians include actuaries, accountants, architects, computer programmers, engineers, meteorologist and statisticians.

Why Grace Academy?

Mathematics is taught by two teachers with exceptional subject knowledge and a passion for the subject. Smaller group sizes allow teachers to tailor individual lessons to meet the needs of students and help all students succeed.


Module 1 – Pure Maths 1

Module 2 – Pure Maths 2

Module 3 – Applied – Mechanics and Statistics

Assessment Methods

A-level Mathematics is assessed at the end of two years by three end of unit exams which make up 100% of the final grade. You are allowed a calculator in all of units.

Support Provided

Our Teaching and Learning Strategy is at the core of our approach to students and their learning. We aim to provide a learning community where students achieve excellence and achievement is celebrated. We want you to enjoy your time at the academy and to be successful.

You will need to monitor your own progress. We want you to become self-critical and to think about how you can improve.

We will expect you to work hard and productively. Being present in the academy for as long as it is necessary for you to meet your targets and succeed in your learning.

Course Application

Contact the Post 16 Manager on 0121 329 4630 or email on

Register your interest in your chosen courses and an application form will be sent out to you. All applicants are interviewed and conditional offers are made subject suitability of course.

Please note all courses on offer are subject to the minimum uptake for viability.