Celebrating World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day and their love for reading at Grace Academy Solihull staff dressed up as their favourite characters from the world of Literature. Students participated in various activities throughout the big day.

World Book Day, which is celebrated annually at the Academy, enabled students to learn about a variety of books and authors –both classics and modern. The Academy promotes reading for pleasure within all students through The Grace Great Reads and World Book Day is a fantastic opportunity for all staff to get involved and display their passion for reading.

Head of English Kate Harper, dressed as the Saudi princess said: ‘In English, trying to promote the love of reading is the heart of everything we do and World Day is a great platform for this.’

Down in the Learning Centre Ashley Connolly, the academy’s librarian, created fun and creative activities for students to take part in. The Tree of Books was the highlight, where students had the chance to add their favourite quotes from their favourite books to the tree.

Both staff and students took part in the Extreme Reading Challenge, trying to get caught reading in unique and unusual places. We had senior leader Mr Donald reading in the gym, Art teacher, Mrs Russell enjoying a read in the kiln and even students reading in the snow!

World Book Day is just a small part of Grace Academy’s commitment to improving literacy and just reading for pleasure.