Little Shop Of Horrors

Seymour and Audrey both work at Mr Mushnik’s Flower Shop in the down and out town Skid Row. One day, Seymour buys a strange and interesting plant who he names Audrey 2. Sadly, the plant soon starts to wilt and die, before Seymour discovers the only thing the plant will eat is…..BLOOD!

As the plant begins to grow, it manipulates Seymour into feeding him not just a few drops of blood but whole people!

Who will Seymour kill to feed the plant?

Will Seymour get caught?

Cast list:

Seymour:                 Tyler McKenzie 

Audrey:                     Lauren Simmons 

Mr. Mushnik:         Ayr Roberts 

The Dentist:            Josh Harris 

The Ronettes:    ​    Amanda Gwafa, Ashleigh Poppet, Novaya Grant

Patrick Martin:     Jessie Wadley

Bernstien:              Emma Harvey-Ward

Editors Wife:        Gemma Kite

Chorus:                   Emily Kite, Lucy Greenwell, Demi-Ann Davey, Bethany Davies, Conor Dearne, Alicia Lucas