Parental Workshop

All Post 16 parents were invited into the academy for a workshop the night before our careers fair, the main reason was to make parents more aware about university and apprenticeship options available.

During the evening parents and students were given detailed information about the costs involved, and shown that these should not be a deterrent when deciding whether their child should go on to university and to explain the different levels of apprenticeships available.

What some parents said they took from the University session:

The information about finance for university was very useful.

That the school will help with the UCAS application.

That university is available for every student, not just the clever ones.

Better understanding that finance should not be a restriction.

Better knowledge on money and variety.

More of an understanding and insight, it may not be the best path, however have learnt that their debt is not so much of a problem as could be affordable. This was my initial worry.


What some parents said they took from the Apprenticeship session:

“Given knowledge on websites to look for opportunities”.

“How to find apprenticeships, START sounds brilliant”!

“Good access to the working environment”.

“I Really like the START tool”.

“More understanding”.

“Opportunities on the doorstep”.

“This is also a good option and may offer our child more opportunities. More life, people skills that may find them appealing to employers”.