Gallant Year 10 Boys Praised

Ten of our Year 10 boys have been presented with a gift and card by ASDA representative, Mrs Danks, as recognition of their outstanding demonstration of good citizenship.

A member of the public contacted us to say they had witnessed a group of our students helping an elderly gentleman after he fell on the crossing near ASDA Chelmsley Wood.  The caller said the young men were helpful and polite, they helped the man up, offered him water and made sure he was OK before they left him.  The caller then asked if we could thank the students and praise them for doing the right thing.

One of the boys who helped out, Tom Cozens, Year 10, said:

“It felt good to help because I felt responsible. He looked shocked and confused and no one was around to help him. When he got up we stayed with him and gave him some water. If it was your own grandad you would help them so, even if it’s a stranger, you should still care about them and help them.”

Mrs Danks, ASDA, presented the cards and gifts to the students in assembly and said:

“I just had to come in and sing their praises.”