Investigation of rivers, floods and management, changing population as core components. Geographical skills of cartography, ICT and statistical analysis and investigative practices.

Progression to the AS element of the course, students who elect to continue on to A2 will progress to Geographical Issues which introduces a series of relevant, current issues in the world today and allows students to investigate these and surmise possible solutions. Finally students will focus on their favoured method of coursework (fieldwork or contemporary analysis) to complete a series of seen examination situation questions.

About the course

Course Introduction

2 Year A- Level Course

A Level Geography provides learners with the exciting opportunity to study the world around them. Students will study both the physical world and how humans interact with this. There will also be opportunities to complete fieldwork outside of the classroom, to provide practical, ‘hands on’ opportunities to extend classroom learning.

You Will:

Engage with the relationship of human populations to each other over space and time. Study the relationship between human populations with their physical environment at a variety of scales from the local to the global. Consider their own role in relation to themes and issues being studied and the roles, values and attitudes of others including decision makers.

Award Body


Course Suitable For

Students who enjoyed the GCSE course and want to study the world around them in more detail with a more ‘hands on’ approach to learning. A chance to complete a fieldwork assignment for their coursework, which may involve a residential experience and opportunities for students to work independently to create a detailed research study and develop key skills.

Preferable Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade C or above in Geography and English.

Why Study?

This course is ideal for all those students that enjoy studying human and physical interaction, as well as studying first-hand the impacts of these two worlds through a range of fieldwork activities.

Progression Opportunities

Students completing this course would be eligible to study geography at university, which could lead to potential future careers in land surveying, town planning, teaching, cartography and many more. Possibilities to study abroad in future are plentiful, looking into the world around us and why certain features have impacted on population development and how this impacts on the future of the human race.

Why Grace Academy?

Geography at Grace Academy is undergoing a series of exciting changes. Students who elect to study the subject at post 16 will be supported in one-to-one tutorials with staff, small group sizes to enhance personalised learning opportunities, tailored topics which aim to increase student success in examinations, as well as plentiful opportunities to experience first-hand how the world works and has developed through fieldwork tasks.


Year 1

Unit 1 Physical & Human Geography – Worth 70% of AS, 2 hour written exam

Unit 2 Geographical Skills – Worth 30% of AS, 1 hour written exam

Year 2

Unit 3 Contemporary Geography – Worth 30% of A-Level, 2.5 hour written exam

Unit 4 EITHER Geography Fieldwork Investigation OR Geographical Issue Exam – Worth 20% of A-Level, 1.5 hour exam based on pre-completed investigation and research.

Assessment Methods

Included in Modules above.

Support Provided

Our Teaching and Learning Strategy is at the core of our approach to students and their learning. We aim to provide a learning community where students achieve excellence and achievement is celebrated. We want you to enjoy your time at the academy and to be successful. You will need to monitor your own progress. We want you to become self-critical and to think about how you can improve. We will expect you to work hard and productively. Being present in the academy for as long as it is necessary for you to meet your targets and succeed in your learning.

Course Application

Contact the Post16 Manager on 0121 329 4630 or email on juliebaker@graceacademy.org.uk.

Register your interest in your chosen courses and an application form will be sent out to you. All applicants are interviewed and conditional offers are made subject suitability of course.

Please note all courses on offer are subject to the minimum uptake for viability.