Grace Academy offers students the opportunity to study the OCR Chemistry-A specification at KS5. This is a two-year course after which students will gain a full GCE A level qualification, suitable for pursuing a career in science or the study of chemistry through higher education.

About The Course

Course Introduction

2 Year A- Level Course

Award Body


Course Suitable For

Students who wish to continue to study chemistry at a higher level.

Preferable Entry Requirements

GCSE Grade B Science and Maths.

Why Study?

A Level chemistry is a highly desired qualification that demonstrates a candidate’s skill in a variety of areas coveted by employers. As well as broadening their understanding of the world around us, a candidate will develop practical skills which can be applied to a variety of hands on jobs. Studying chemistry at KS5 allows an opportunity to stretch your learning through a dynamic and constantly changing subject; which is at the heart of applied subjects such as forensic and pharmaceutical sciences.

Progression Opportunities

Chemistry A-Level is a highly respected academic A-Level that can lead to further study at the best universities in the country. Careers involving chemistry skills include pharmacology, research, analysis, manufacturing, forensic science, health services, scientific civil services and education.

Why Grace Academy?

Grace Academy has been delivering OCR A-level courses for a number of years and have dedicated and experienced specialist teachers for biology, chemistry and physics. This specialist knowledge is effectively shared with KS5 students to support their learning and progress, allowing all students to access challenging scientific content.


Module 1 – Development of practical skills in chemistry

Module 2 – Foundations in chemistry

Module 3 – Periodic table and energy

Module 4 – Core organic chemistry

Module 5 – Physical chemistry and transition elements

Module 6 – Organic chemistry and analysis

Assessment Methods

A-Level course comprises four units of assessments. These consist of three examined papers and one practical endorsement that will be assessed internally. All three examinations will be taken at the end of the two year course and will assess the modules listed above.

Support Provided

Our Teaching and Learning Strategy is at the core of our approach to students and their learning. We aim to provide a learning community where students achieve excellence and achievement is celebrated. We want you to enjoy your time at the academy and be successful.

You will need to monitor your own progress too. We want you to become self-critical and to think about how you can improve.

We will expect you to work hard and productively. Being present in the academy for as long as it is necessary for you to meet your targets and succeed in your learning.

Course Application

Contact the Post 16 Manager on 0121 329 4630 or email on juliebaker@graceacademy.org.uk Register your interest in your chosen courses and an application form will be sent out to you. All applicants are interviewed and conditional offers are made subject suitability of course.

Please note all courses on offer are subject to the minimum uptake for viability.